Colorado National Monument Tours
Grand Junction, Colorado

Colorado National MonumentThe Colorado National Monument, which is part of the National Park Service, is near the city of Grand Junction, Colorado, and embodies the awesome majesty of the American West! The spectacular views of the sandstone-layered cliffs are colored in various shades of red and white and are similar to others in nearby states, such as the Canyonlands in Utah.

The Colorado National Monument was established in 1911, mostly due to several years of campaigning by one man, John Otto. He was a recluse who explored the canyons extensively and built many miles of trails through the area completely by himself. He became the park’s first custodian.

As we drive along the 23 miles of breathtaking red-rock canyons, the quiet, wild country will have an "otherworldly" feel. Some of the common nicknames for this area are "Rim Rock Drive" and "Tour of the Moon". The Monument consists of many canyons as deep as 500 feet and rock monoliths as tall as 450 feet. With boulders that defy gravity and tunnels carved of stone, these beautiful red-rock canyons define the unparalleled landscape of the Colorado National Monument.

Keep your camera handy during this tour as you may spot some desert bighorn sheep, mule deer, coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, collared lizards, desert cottontails, and a variety of beautiful and unusual birds who call this area home. Relax while we drive the many switchbacks and enjoy the awe-inspiring views along the way!

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